The Perils Of Sugar

picture of berries on top of sugar for article about the perils of sugar

In 1700 the average citizen of Britain ate 4 pounds of sugar a year on average. Around the same time the average U.S. citizen ate around 2 pounds of sugar each year. Today the average Briton eats over 100 pounds of sugar per year and the average American eats around 152 pounds of sugar each year.

33% of adults worldwide have high blood pressure today compared to only 5% in 1900. Diabetes has almost doubled since 1980. Obesity levels in humans have risen around the world. All of these effects can be traced to sugar consumption. Increased sugar consumption is also shown to cause increase in the rate of dental cavities. Do you need more reasons to cut back on your sugar intake?

In order to take back your health not only must you reduce the known sugars you consume, but you also must watch for sugars hidden in processed foods you would not expect. We consume foods which we know to have sugars like candy bars, donuts, cakes, sodas, pies, pastries etc. If you think diet soda may be fine to drink think again, there are issues with diet sodas as well. How about processed foods with hidden sugars? Do you know which foods to avoid? Foods with hidden sugars include flavored yogurts, pasta sauces, canned soups, flavored waters, and many other ready to eat foods.

It may look like a no win situation but one can cut out the known sugar foods like donuts, sodas and the like since they are empty calories. If you need a caffeine boost look to plain coffee sweetened with some honey instead of soda. For snacking trying a banana rather than a donut. It may not be easy at first as sugar hits the pleasure centers in our brains like some drugs do. Take some time out to analyze the foods you eat for the known and hidden sugars and work to cut back on those sugars so you can live a better, healthier life in the long run.

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