Pomodoro Diavolo

Picture of spaghetti for pomodoro raviolo recipe

Pomodoro Diavolo, an original recipe I came up with because I enjoyed a garlicky and spicy arriabiata, but wanted a lighter dish and liked Pomodoro.

Begin heating water for pasta, slightly salt water. Add pasta when boiling. Use approximately one package for this, I prefer angel hair pasta as it cooks quickly.  If you use a heavier pasta, heat the water and start cooking before beginning the sauté below.

Heat 1/4 C extra virgin olive oil to smoking. Lower heat and add garlic to taste. A half-head of real garlic, or 3-4 T of pre-chopped garlic should be added to the oil and slightly browned (this is done to taste, I love garlic). While cooking, add pepper flakes, about 1 T depending on desired heat. If you have dried basil and not fresh, add it here in the oil as well to soften and add flavor.

Chop to small consistent pieces 4-6 medium to larger tomatoes. Add into garlic and oil and cook on medium heat.

When pasta is just below al dente, drain and add into tomato mixture. Stir, allowing pasta to finish cooking in juices from tomatoes and oil. This will only take a few minutes. Serve and enjoy.  Put fresh basil on top here if you have it.

A nice small salad or garlic bread (sauté oil and garlic like above and melt into butter onto bread – homemade garlic bread is by far the best.)

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