Fish Oil


Omega-3 fish oil capsules

Fish oils obtained for the tissue of oily fish has many benefits for the human body. You may have heard about the DHA and EPA fatty acids found in fish oils that help reduce inflammation in the body. The DHA-EPA fatty acids found in fish are known to improve heart health through reducing inflammation in arteries. The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of 1 gram of fish oil daily for better heart health.

Research indicates that fish oil is also good for eye health, prevention of certain cancers, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis and mental health. Fish oil has been shown to reduce incidents of depression in people who take it regularly. So if you have those wintertime blues due to cold and lack of sunlight reach for some fish oil and take it on a regular basis.

You may have recently read in the news about a teenager left in a comatose due to a hit and run accident recovering from his brain trauma in part due to his parents giving him fish oil. What did the fish oil do to help? The DHA-EPA fats in fish oil likely inhibit brain cell death, help reconnect neurons and reduce inflammation, which can harm the brain. These benefits can be had by anyone.

When consuming fish oil I would suggest reaching for quality brands with a good reputation. Some brands over state the quantity of fatty acids their pills deliver and thus have reduced effectiveness. While a quality brand may cost a bit more on the price tag the benefits to ones health always outweigh that cost.  Here is a good site to check out some reviews and quality ratings on fish oil.  Check out to find the fish oil pills you need.

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