Thoughts on Hydration

how being hydrated is good for you


Did you know that in addition to helping with dry skin, proper hydration has other health benefits such as reducing stress, reducing fatigue, reducing chances of kidney stones and provides for better stamina during exercise? See the below facts:

Water dilutes the salt and minerals in urine that can clump together and become kidney stones. By drinking enough water kidney stones are less likely to form due to diluted urine.

About 85% of your brain tissue is composed of water. A dehydrated body increases feelings of fatigue and stress. Water helps deliver oxygen and other vital nutrients to your cells. Proper hydration ensures your heart does not have to pump as much to move your blood.

Water helps prevent muscle cramping and helps with joint lubrication, which is a big benefit during exercise. Drinking sufficient water prior to and during workout sessions will help you build muscle and stamina leading to an overall healthier body.

The best hydrator is plain old water. While other liquids can help with hydration they are not as good as water at restoring hydration levels in the body.

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