A Surprising Positive FDA Move

FDA bans transfats

On November 7th this year, the FDA shockingly decided to ban partially hydrogenated oils. Where hydrogenated oils were clearly marked as bad years ago, those oils what were only partially hydrogenated were still known as trans-fats, but are prevalent in tons of foods across the US. The FDA points out that since labeling standards and education increased, consumption of trans-fats has decreased. They appropriately point out, though, that there is no considered “safe” volume of partially hydrogenated oils. None at all.

We would challenge you to notice how many of your prepared or purchased foods have partially-hydrogenated oils in them. As the FDA will slowly roll out the ban as they give manufacturers time to find a replacement, try to refrain from their content in the meantime.

For those who do not know, fats are naturally used in many foods, but manufacturers found out long ago that fats spoil with age. Their solution was to “hydrogenate” the oil, completely changing the oil itself into a dangerous substance, trans-fat, that your was poisonous to your body. For their perspective, though, the hydrogenated oils had a massively extended shelf life, so they did not lose stock due to aging.

Interestingly, nitrates are used in many foods like bacon, hot dogs, sausages, and other smoked meats. Nitrates are known to cause cancer, but manufactures and the FDA have decided a little cancer it better than quitting its use for they have never found a preservative that works as well.

As we await the new ingredient the manufactures will use to replace partially hydrogenated oil, we hope it will be safer, and not worse. At this point we will still count this as a win.

If you wish to check out the FDA notice, it is attached below.

Happy label reading!


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